September 19, 2023 in News

Snack Sticks: Flavoring an On-the-Go Staple 

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Are your customers searching for ready-to-eat, shelf-stable and non-perishable meat offerings?

Lead them toward the royal flavor and legendary quality of Excalibur Seasoning’s snack stick blends.

If you enjoy sweet apple pieces combined with tart notes of cranberry, we recommend our Cranberry Apple.

Find a little sweet heat, garlic and onion in our Habanero BBQ.

For a savory bite, there’s Beer & Onion – a perfect blend of natural beer flavor, brown sugar, onion and garlic.

Or how about the unforgettable combination of Frank’s Red Hot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce, creamy bleu cheese and butter in our Buffalo Bleu Cheese.

And no sipping is necessary when barrel-aged American whiskey flavor merges with beef, pork or chicken in our Bourbon Flavor

Snack sticks are an excellent high protein and portable treat, especially when packed with Excalibur’s tempting flavors. What are you waiting for? Be sure to place your order today.