With the booming mass appeal of food-related television programming, combined with the influence of the internet, today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever about quality and taste. It’s forced the food industry into a state of constant evolution, always adjusting and adding new flavors to satisfy market trends and consumer demand.


We partner closely with hundreds of market owners, grocery executives, meat processors, butchers, and protein departments nationwide. We work tirelessly to understand their unique audiences to better identify, create and supply flavor profiles that help our customers stand out in a crowd.

At Excalibur, we work hand-in-hand with you to provide services that make a difference to your bottom line. Our low minimum custom blend requirements allow for low-risk product testing without the hassle of long term commitments. And as needs change, we’ll be by your side helping to adjust your flavor portfolio to keep you on target with today’s consumer trends.

So, whether you classify as a grocery or retail shop, food processor or as a competitive grill master, you can always count on Excalibur to serve as your primary supplier for premium meat & seafood seasonings, rubs and marinades.

Simply try our flavors and we know you'll agree...
Excalibur delivers legendary quality and royal flavor.

And always remember, while we built our reputation on meat & seafood seasonings, Excalibur also offers a wide variety of seasonings for snacks, pizzas, potatoes, cheese and many more specialty foods. Contact us today to learn more.



Excalibur is extremely responsive.
They operate with a very high level of quality and customer service.”

– Mark T., CEO, national seasonings company