The grocery game is more competitive than ever. To stand out from the crowd, today's grocers need display cases that are not only eye-catching, but filled with a rotating selection of the best selling flavor profiles on the market. That's where we step in. Our culinary experts and market specialists will help identify which flavors will capture the attention of shoppers and keep them coming back for more.

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More than 35 years ago, Excalibur Seasoning began as a premium supplier to America's small and mid-sized processors. And while we have come a long way since then, expanding our production capabilities, product lines and customer footprint, one thing has remained steady throughout: our unwavering commitment to serving community processors, butchers and meat shops nationwide. We understand this group better than anyone and know exactly how to tailor our offerings to help them thrive.

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We built our reputation by helping processors and grocers nationwide bring the best possible flavor profiles on the market to their customers. But over the past several years, Excalibur flavors have become so popular that consumers demanded our products be made available directly to America's home chefs and grill masters. Excalibur had no choice but to listen and meet the demand by partnering with some of America's favorite consumer-oriented distributors. Now everyone can bring our brand of legendary quality and royal flavor to their own kitchen.

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Our sales team is available to answer any questions and fill any order. And for the home chef crowd, our distribution partners offer our most popular selections in individual shakers and packages for at-home use.

Excalibur is extremely responsive. They operate with a very high level of quality and customer service.

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