With the competitive nature of grocery and retail today, investing in your meat & seafood departments can help set your location apart from the competition. Excalibur has more than 30 years of experience in servicing America’s leading grocers. Our seasonings, rubs and marinades will help revitalize your meat & seafood displays. It’s not uncommon for our grocery partners to see their meat & seafood department revenues increase between 10-25 percent.

We work closely with you to understand your customer base and implement a strategic mix of in-store, value-added programs that will keep your patrons coming back time and time again. Excalibur also offers retail opportunities for our Excalibur Favorites to add a bit of flare to your shelving displays.


Quality, taste and variety are all factors of success when it comes to strengthening your brand. And it always helps to have a flavor to call your very own. With thousands of recipes fit for seasoning blends, rubs, and marinades, Excalibur is sure to enhance the reputation of your meat & seafood products.

Excalibur will work hand-in-hand with you to build a Private Label program structured exclusively to your needs… and all packaged with your labels.


After more than three decades we’ve created thousands of innovative flavors for nearly every occasion.


Work with our culinary experts to create brand new taste inspirations, or share your own special recipes with us and let Excalibur do the blending for you.


Though we’ve built our reputation with meat & seafood, it’s no secret that deli departments nationwide also rely on Excalibur products to enhance their profiles and bring in additional revenues that could have gone the route of fast-food or a sit-down restaurant.

Excalibur offers several rotisserie seasonings, dip mixes, fresh salad dressings, gravies and more. We will assist you in choosing flavor options for every area of your department, customizing programs to match the flavor preferences of your marketplace and making your deli a destination point for customers.

Excalibur has a variety of additional in-store opportunities that may be right for you, including our Tasteful Sensations, Panko Breading and our popular Meat Loaf and Patty programs.

Contact us today to discuss the many ways Excalibur can strengthen your grocery and retail offerings, while increasing your bottom line.