For more than 30 years, Excalibur has maintained a special relationship with America’s meat processors.

Whether it’s through our own Excalibur brands or through our private label programs, meat processors trust Excalibur to help them exceed their customers’ expectations. And because of our deep industry knowledge, we are uniquely qualified to help small and large processors take a more strategic approach to their inventory and sales.

Excalibur is proud to produce the kinds of quality seasonings, rubs and marinades that have helped keep neighborhood shops a vibrant part of their local communities, and helped larger processors take their products nationwide.


On the shelf or on the production line, many of our award-winning Excalibur Favorites have become an essential part of hundreds of meat processors across the United States – regardless of size. At Excalibur, flavor innovation is our calling card. We have a catalog of more than 13,000 unique blends to our name – and launch a number of new products every year that help set the tone for industry trends.

And for those looking to blend something special, or if you have your very own great recipe, just let us know. Excalibur is always excited to partner on a Custom Creation for your private label.


Many Excalibur processing customers also operate retail store fronts. For those occasions, Excalibur offers several unique programs designed to up the ante and help you build a loyal fan base. We work closely with retail operations across the country to develop creative, value-added options that drive traffic and increase revenue.

From simple point-of-sale marination programs to complete, turnkey branded merchandising programs for your entire display case, Excalibur will help you capitalize on flavor preferences in your marketplace. Excalibur’s popular Tip & Pour, Tasteful Sensations, Panko Breading, and Meat Loaf & Patty programs are just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible.

Whether it’s for smoked, cured, marinated or fresh meats, Excalibur always delivers rich and distinctive flavor profiles. And as any of our culinary experts would tell you, our approach is truly a blend of art and science.

So, if you’re a meat processor looking for a distinctive “flavor edge” for your products and a “competitive edge” in the marketplace, be sure to contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you.



Excalibur provides industry-leading support and service fueling the expansion of our business.
They are a critical partner in our continued growth.”

– Doug H., co-owner, meat processing company, Illinois