Excalibur customers know that our flavors can’t be beat. Wet or dry, you get the same legendary quality and royal flavor we’ve built our 30+ year reputation on.

Excalibur marinades (wet or dry) could be just what you’re looking for to transform your proteins. So, why not bathe your meat & seafood offerings in a full-bodied marinade and make an immediate impact on your protein showcase? Or simply stack our marinades either next to or on top of the shelf as the ultimate point-of-purchase add on. Either way, you’re taking your products to the next level – and your customers will surely notice.


Excalibur is known for creating thousands of innovative flavors that tempt taste buds and help build loyal customer bases. But even if you’re new to our creations, you never have to feel overwhelmed. Our team will work directly with you to identify the perfect flavors for your market. And to get you started, why not try one of the following Excalibur Favorites straight from our Top 30 Best Selling list of marinades.

  • Argentinean Style BBQ Marinade
  • Bourbon Peppercorn Marinade
  • Cyclops Greek Marinade (No MSG)
  • General Tso Marinade
  • Jamaican Jerk Marinade
  • Red Devil Hickory Marinade


Introducing new items is one of the best ways to keep your customers happy. And happy customers translate to increased sales. So, let Excalibur help boost your profits with our new flavor profiles. These exciting new creations are sure to create a buzz in your marketplace. The flavors below are among the very latest developed by our culinary experts and food scientists – and they’ve already got people talking! Contact us today and add them to your meat & seafood lineup.


Are you looking to create your own signature flavor – something that’s sure to be a hit in your market? Or maybe you already have a recipe and you’d like us to help you perfect and blend it. Either way, our Custom Creations team is ready to help you find the options best suited to your specific need. Our expert food scientists and acclaimed chefs will work closely with you to create that perfect marinade.


Contact us today to learn more about our many flavors and how Excalibur can help transform your protein business.

Innovation and growth require superior suppliers.
That’s why Excalibur is our partner of choice when it comes to seasonings and sauces.”

– Doug H., co-owner, meat processing company, Illinois