September 15, 2023 in News

Go to Market with Excalibur’s Sausage Blends

Excalibur Seasoning’s latest sausage blends take on new flavor with the kickoff of the apple harvest, Oktoberfest celebrations and the traditional hunting season.

Apple bits, cinnamon and a hint of cocoa are the perfect combination in our All-Natural Apple Cinnamon.

Cranberry Apple is another mouthwatering flavor merging Northern Sky Apples with cranberries. It’s a duo well worth the taste test.

Have a hankering for the smoky heat of sweet roasted chipotle peppers and tart cherry notes? Try our Cherry Chipotle. For true German influence, get your fill of stout beer, cheese, sauerkraut, and mustard in our Oktoberfest Style.

And don’t forget our Hunter’s Unit, made with select natural spices including garlic and paprika for a blend that will enhance your sausage process with wild game.

Stock your meat case with all of the comforts of home for your customers. Contact your sales rep and order Excalibur sausage blends today.