June 14, 2021 in News

Coming to AAMP in July: Laying the foundation for flavorful proteins

Summer is construction season, so start “building” your meat & seafood displays with the latest flavors from Excalibur.

Catch up with us at the AAMP Convention in Oklahoma City on July 15-17, and discuss our expanded line of tumble dry marinades. Many are PHOSPHATE-FREE, bursting with flavor and right in line with today’s health-conscious consumer. Consider Sweet Bourbon with its welcome hints of onion and garlic. There’s also Italian Parmesan – a savory blend of cheese, oregano and fennel.

Our sausage blends really corner the market on heat, whether it’s Jalapeno, Cajun or Habanero & Mango. Additional favorites like our Country Style and Extra Maple Flavor pork sausage offer an enjoyable, mild flavor.

Need a blueprint for a better bratwurst? Think beer halls and traditional German seasonings with our Bavarian Oktoberfest. It’s a traditional and tempting blend of cheeses, mustard and stout beer. Then test your tolerance for spicy with our Sriracha Sauerkraut – a fiery surprise awaits featuring hints of dill and caraway.

So, come join us for AAMP and see for yourself how our flavors “measure up”! You may even want to plan an onsite “meat & greet” with our sales team.