June 8, 2021 in News

New “Heritage” blends are a melting pot of flavors

Celebrate summer with our new line of “Heritage Flavors” – a collection of popular, traditional blends bursting with flavor.

For a tasty twist on Americana, try our Firecracker Rub. Fireworks take center stage with our salute to ranch dressing with a new, fiery attitude.

Or maybe you’d prefer to kick back and relax with the summer classics of bacon, cheese, garlic, and sour cream. You’ll find them all in our Stars & Stripes Seasoning, an excellent companion for your backyard barbecue.

East meets West with our Pacific Island flavors, perfect for any proteins on the grill. Aloha Rub is an inspiring tropical blend of pineapple, creamy coconut, buttery black garlic and ginger.

Maple Korean BBQ fuses the best of American and Korean classics, and is sweetened with 100-percent pure maple sugar.

Savor the spirit of the Caribbean. Bold flavors and spices influenced by the Cajun South excite the senses in Caribbean Cajun Jerk Seasoning. Ya Mon!

Dive into Cuba’s past with our Hot Havana Seasoning. Experience the sensation that ignites a perfect harmony of savory and spicy, powerful taste.

So, whether it’s fireworks, family barbecues or island hopping for classic cuisine, contact us today and make your summer legendary with new Heritage Flavors from Excalibur.