May 15, 2024 in Delicious, News

Unlocking Value and Flavor: Excalibur’s Expertise Highlighted in Trade Magazine

Christmas turkey ham roasted for festive dinner on black background. Top view

Today’s consumers are on the lookout for value like never before, especially when it comes to meat and seafood.

John Brewer, Excalibur’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, says the brand is meeting demand for value-driven protein options. In the April issue of Supermarket Perimeter magazine, Brewer emphasizes the importance of not compromising on taste or quality in “Commissary Insider.”

“There’s no better way to fit the budget than to produce value cuts that are tender, easy to prepare, taste great, and create center-of-the-plate options by applying a seasoning or marinade,” Brewer explains.

Discover how Excalibur is redefining value and flavor in the world of proteins – one delicious bite at a time. Read the full article.