July 9, 2019 in News

Proper Portions program off to an exciting start

This past spring, Excalibur started outfitting grocery stores and processors around the country with stackable towers of Proper Portions dry rub seasoning packets. Available in seven of our most popular blends, Proper Portions offers consumers just the right amount of flavor for their protein purchase and provides a more consistent taste.

We recently sat down with John Brewer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Excalibur, for early reactions to the program.

Excalibur launched Proper Portions at The Meat Conference in Dallas in March. What’s the response been like since that time?

JB: After the tremendous reaction to Proper Portions at TMC in Dallas, we reached out to a sampling of our customers and sent them complimentary boxes of the seasoning packets to try first-hand at their stores and monitor customer response. We’re just a few months into the program and now starting to get feedback from those testing the product. So far, response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Could you share an example of an Excalibur customer experience?

JB: Most recently, we’re working with a 250-store grocery chain on the West Coast. They are testing a new pilot store with our Proper Portions program as well as our Tip & Pour marinades. In late June, they conducted an executive walk through at their test store and their director of meat and seafood said it was a major hit.

This grocery chain is promoting the program as a free service, so consumers will receive the flavor packets at no additional cost. They can choose to have their protein seasoned with Proper Portions dry rubs in the store, take it with their purchase to flavor at home or add it to trendy pre-packaged meal kits.

That’s what makes Proper Portions so attractive to our retail and processing customers. It’s incredibly versatile in its use.

I hear there are other approaches that some groups are taking to leverage Proper Portions. Can you explain?

JB: We’re constantly engaged with our customers on potential opportunities. Our team is in talks with a specialty protein supplier interested in packing the Proper Portions with the steaks that they sell to food service operators.

Easy-to-use, value-added items are among the fastest-growing segments in the retail industry today. One of the driving factors in the popularity of the meal kit is that consumers enjoy being a part of the preparation process. Proper Portions offers that opportunity. It’s also a clean product that saves on labor and guarantees consistency with every application. We think the sky’s the limit on how we can transform the meat and seafood case with it.

For more information on how Proper Portions can help transform your fresh food retail, be sure to contact our sales team.