August 10, 2023 in News

New flavors attract sell-out crowd at AAMP

The key takeaways for the Excalibur Seasoning sales team at the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) Convention this year come down to these:

  • New flavor introductions are key to getting customers to the booth
  • AAMP is growing. More than 70 first-time attendees will turn into additional sales for Excalibur
  • Don’t underestimate the demand for new product samples

Let’s unpack that with Sales & Marketing Vice President John Brewer.

“New products help our small to medium meat processing customers grow their business and keep them coming back to us for innovative flavor development,” Brewer says. “With so many new attendees, it shows that AAMP is growing and that’s exciting for the entire meat processing community.”

And for Excalibur Seasoning. Everyone on the sales team, including President and CEO Mike Shrier, worked the booth.

“All of us contribute to the development of new flavors and what will be promoted at the event, but Excalibur’s National Director of Sales, Bob Andorfer, is without question the puppeteer. From layout, design, and item placement, Bob puts our brand in the best light.”

Brewer said the momentum of the record-breaking crowd was incredible. In fact, the team set a news sales record at the show.

“We thought we would run out of samples with the crowd the first day of the show. Thankfully, we had enough, but the Sweet & Savory flavors were the first to go. Bruschetta Flavored Sausage and Portabella Shiitake & Toasted Onion Patty Blend were hits. Our Cherry Chipotle Flavored Sausage blend drew a lot of attention as well.”

AAMP 2023 definitely exceeded Excalibur’s expectations. More than a dozen of the company’s customers also garnered grand champion recognition at the 2023 American Cured Meat Competition.  

Watch and listen to more from John Brewer on the AAMP floor in this video, “2023 Convention Highlights: “Meat” on the Street with Excalibur Seasoning.”