August 22, 2020 in News

“Meatheads” help Excalibur stay on trend

Excalibur Seasoning’s Sales & Marketing Consultant Rick McLimans says a strong meat background helps the team develop inspirational flavors.

McLiman’s owned his own shop for 23 years and purchased Excalibur Seasoning products to make his retail sausage. So, as his family, friends, colleagues and past customers can attest, he knows a thing or two about the meat business.

“I consider our sales people ‘meatheads’ because we’ve all made sausage in our lifetime. We know if a combination of seasonings will bounce off the wall or stick. Our customers also inspire R&D. They may ask if we can develop a certain flavor and that sometimes sparks a light bulb. We have to think, ‘Is this something that we can really sell?’ It’s all part of the process.”

McLimans likes to experiment on his own, trying out combinations on his family and friends. He welcomes the feedback. When people give him a “thumbs up”, he knows the samples turned out as anticipated. From there, it’s a matter of getting the products in front of market owners, grocery executives, meat processors who are especially eager for the latest products.

“Many of our customers have been focused for months on keeping enough meat and seafood in stock because of the high consumer demand during the pandemic. Now, they are coming to us and looking for what’s different and original. We are ready for them with fresh, choice flavors.”

Be sure to contact Excalibur and let our ‘meatheads’ help you get started on building a better protein portfolio.