October 19, 2023 in News

Fall in Love with our Latest Rubs

Enjoy a multitude of flavors on your favorite proteins with something new from Excalibur Seasoning.

What’s the rub on our Black Charcoal? There’s nothing overcooked here – just the bold flavor of savory beef, aromatic garlic and onion – perfect for any high-quality cut of steer meat.

With a taste straight from the vending carts of Mexico, our Mexican Street Corn blend is not just for street corn anymore. A combination of feta cheese, chipotle peppers, and signature lime and garlic flavor, this seasoning is fabulous on seafood, poultry, beef and pork.

Bacon lovers, do you want everything you eat to taste like bacon without the extra guilt of fat and calories? Give our Hickory Smoked Bacon Salt a shake or two. This seasoning is a mouth-watering blend of Himalayan Sea Salt, hickory smoke and bacon flavors. It also makes for great rim salt on a Bloody Mary.

Celebrate nature’s bounty with the latest rubs from Excalibur Seasoning – right now or any time of year.