October 7, 2019 in News

Ask the expert: Patty’s favorite pairings

Looking for a great protein pairing? Senior Customer Service Representative, Patty Fleeharty, provides three suggestions.

Poultry – Mesquite Chicken Seasoning

This is a family favorite. Perfect for baking, air fryer and grilling. Adds a rich robust smoke flavor; great with a baked potato and vegetable. Easy meal.

Fish – Farmers Market Panko Style Breadcrumbs

A lighter flavored breading. Great for the air fryer. I spritz it with Olive Oil before cooking. Gives it a crispy taste.

Beef – Buttery Garlic

Use on hamburger to give it a buttery and savory garlic flavor. Also sprinkle on the fries. Add a pickle for complete meal.

For more great pairings, be sure to contact your Excalibur sales representative today.