June 22, 2022 in News

Sales team hosts first-ever employee taste test

The feast staged in the Excalibur Seasoning parking lot on Wednesday, June 6 looked like any other company summer picnic, but this event was unique for a reason.

For the first time, the sales team was inviting the company’s production and development staff to a lunchtime “taste test” of the many seasonings, marinades and patty blends they produce at the plant every day.

While the sales team handled grilling operations, employees sampled a menu of new ground chuck patty blends flavored with Raspberry Chipotle, Bavarian Oktoberfest and Parmesan Garlic Butter. Fresh bratwurst filled with Supreme Italian Pizza, Mushroom and Swiss and Philly Brat blends rounded out the protein offerings, which also included old-fashioned skin on and skinless wieners, a variety of snack sticks and summer sausages. To top it off, there was popcorn flavored with Excalibur’s Jalapeno Cheese, Buffalo Ranch and Cheesy Ranch.

I like spicy food, so the Jalapeno Cheese popcorn was good. I also tried the Raspberry Chipotle burger. I never had anything like that before. There was some definite heat, but the sweetness of the raspberry balanced the flavors well. – Jason, Receiving

Working in Quality Control, we try every seasoning before it goes out the door, but this was the first time I tasted our products with proteins. The Bavarian Oktoberfest burger and Philly Steak bratwurst were delicious and juicy. Just the way I like it. – Stephanie, Quality Control

I like garlic. The Parmesan Garlic Butter burger was mouthwatering and filled with flavor. – Stacy, ERP

Hands down, the Supreme Italian Pizza bratwurst was the best. – Darwin, Inventory

I loved the cheese in the center of the Philly Cheddar bratwurst. It was juicy and had a wonderful smoke flavor finish.” – Kandace, Mixing

I love pickles, so the Dill Pickle snack sticks were my favorite. I tried the Buffalo Ranch popcorn was incredible – just enough buffalo flavor and not too overpowering. – Ashlynn, Customer Service

“The sales team enjoyed the opportunity to cook out and meet fellow employees,” says Rick McLimans, Excalibur Sales Consultant. “Our sales staff works remotely, so to have us at the home base in Pekin with workers who develop and produce Excalibur’s seasonings, and provide us with critical feedback is incredibly worthwhile.”

McLimans says the experience was a huge success and generated plenty of interest from the sales team and staff for a return engagement.

“The consensus is that an employee taste test will become an annual event,” he said.

Be sure to contact our sales staff to get your hands on these and any other of our legendary Excalibur flavors.