July 28, 2022 in News

Excalibur comments on flavor trends in Supermarket Perimeter

Value-added products, variety and convenience are what consumers want for seasonings and marinades on their meat purchases.

Excalibur Seasoning’s VP of Sales & Marketing John Brewer and National Sales Director Bob Andorfer shared their expertise on flavor trends in the July issue of Supermarket Perimeter magazine, where seasoning standards and creative cuisine appear to dominate today’s flavor trends.

“In a retail grocery program, we rarely see anyone kick off a seasonings or marinade campaign with exotic flavors,” Brewer said. “For instance, our customers may choose three blends to start. They are conservative in their approach, using what is familiar and what they know will sell.”

But there’s plenty of creativity occurring in the seasonings, rubs and marinades space, says Bob Andorfer.

“Consumers found themselves cooking home-style (during the pandemic) and the opportunity allowed them to try unique flavors and complicated recipes. It became possible for them to prepare exotic dishes in their own kitchens.”

More from John and Bob in the full article. “Flavor trends: meat seasonings and marinades in high demand”