April 6, 2019 in News

One more round with Excalibur

Get back into the spirit and rediscover Excalibur’s liquor-infused blends and marinades . Perfect for your meat & seafood lineup, these popular combinations feature classic flavors of whiskey, gin, vodka and moonshine.

Maple Leaf Whiskey
Combine oak barrel-aged whiskey with natural sweet maple flavor and hints of peach and pear. Background notes of rosemary help make this fitting for both light and heavy proteins.

Blackberry, Orange & Gin Melange
Coat your meats with a nice thick layer of flavor that melds notes of deep blackberry with sweet, exotic orange. It’s the perfect memory of Cointreau and subtle gin.

Tuscan Style Vodka
Thoughts of Tuscan villages, fresh tomatoes and pepper spice all aced with essence of puree vodka flavor balance out of this wonderful Italian-style offering.

Foothills Moonshine
Transport yourself to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with wild berry flavors, natural woody notes of mushrooms and the warmth of a smooth moonshine.

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