October 11, 2019 in News

Great flavors grabbing the spotlight

Looking ahead to 2020, here’s a sampling of Excalibur flavors that are expected to hit just the right notes with consumers.

First up, Excalibur adds a touch of heat with Bacon Fireball, a new blend created by the R&D experts at Excalibur. With the continued popularity of pairing bacon and alcohol, the team combined natural whiskey flavor and cinnamon – producing the sensation of Fireball Whiskey. Add bacon and the end result is a spirited protein finishing with sweet heat. Available now as a sausage blend, Bacon Fireball also partners well with many additional meats and seafood.

What’s next? Let’s talk BBQ!

The growth of the competition BBQ track is bolstering the appetite for sausage – both fresh and smoked. Excalibur’s long-popular Rump Rubs – Memphis, Kansas City, Apple and Buttery Garlic – are all pit master creations, inspired by what’s influencing BBQ around the region.

And finally, Excalibur’s latest sausage blends sure to get the juices flowing. Try our new Truffle Butter Patty, Buttery Steak Brat, and Jambalaya Bratwurst – individually you have a delicate balance of flavor all the way to a kick of Cajun that are truly unique.

Be sure to read up on more flavor trends as shared by Excalibur’s own John Brewer, vice president of sales & marketing, in an upcoming issue of Supermarket Perimeter.