November 18, 2019 in News

Bacon Cinnamon-Whiskey featured in Supermarket Perimeter

When it comes to great flavor profiles for 2020, Excalibur has three words for you: Bacon Cinnamon-Whiskey.

One of our latest and greatest creations, Bacon Cinnamon-Whiskey is the perfect bratwurst and sausage blend for those occasions when you really want to kick things up a notch.

You can read more about this great new combination in the special “Bacon, Booze & BBQ” section (pg.16) inside the “Flavor Forward” article in the November issue of Supermarket Perimeter. There, Excalibur’s VP of Sales & Marketing John Brewer speaks to the “hot button” flavor trends for the coming year and the rising popularity of pit-smoked BBQ.

Then when you’re ready to add Bacon Cinnamon-Whiskey to your stable of flavors for 2020, be sure to contact us.