September 4, 2018 in News

Excalibur’s fall flavors complement small and big game

Setting the plan for the upcoming hunting season involves more than scouting a location, checking the gear and practicing at the range.

A major decision to consider is how to best enhance processed meat with three of Excalibur’s newest flavors and one of our returning favorites:

  • Our 12 Pepper Sausage Seasoning known as the “Delectable Dozen” is a blend of unique peppers – red, black, green, white and spicy – for an extra flavorful and fiery experience.
  • In our Chipotle Ranch Seasoning, the heat of the chipotle offers a completeness when paired with rich, ranch flavor. A great combination for snack sticks or jerky.
  • The fermented cucumber seasoned with dill and garlic takes center stage as our Dill Pickle Seasoning produces an authentic taste of fall. Try it with jerky or snack sticks for a flavor that will surprise.
  • And whether for smoked sausage or award-winning snack sticks, our Honey BBQ is always a hit, with a unique sweet and smoky blend, and no MSG.