November 8, 2018 in News

InStore taps Excalibur for 2019 flavor forecast

Popular flavors found in today’s restaurants are also influencing the tastes of freshly prepared and packaged foods at the grocery store, says Marlo Mastalerz, research & development chef and director at Excalibur Seasoning.

Mastalerz recently shared insight on the top flavor trends expected in 2019 for a story in the November issue of InStore magazine.

So, what innovations lie ahead when helping grocers better engage their customers? Mastalerz suggests that in 2019, grocery deli and prepared food departments will continue to incorporate more global, plant-based and regional foods and flavor combinations that balance the familiar with the cutting-edge.

“We’re seeing more of a cultural assortment of the freshest up-and-coming products that would normally only be available at specialty markets,” Mastalerz says.

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