August 30, 2018 in News

Excalibur’s expanded warehouse and new R&D facility helps deliver results customers love


This November marks the 2nd anniversary of Excalibur Seasoning’s expansion at the 44,000 square-foot production facility and creation of a stand-alone R&D headquarters in Pekin.

In 2017, another 12,000 feet was added to the warehouse to keep up with demand for the company’s meat and seafood seasonings. The two facilities are crucial to providing industry-leading products and service, and have paved the way for Excalibur’s continued growth and success.

“I’d say the biggest benefit of the physical improvements was moving R&D away from the warehouse,” says John Brewer, vice president of sales & marketing for Excalibur. “We provided a creative atmosphere for the team that is beneficial to developing new and exciting flavors.”

R&D Department First Row: Ariel Fogle: Regulatory Specialist Marlo Mastalerz, CRC: R&D Director Second Row: Bryan Dinquel: Food Technician Andrew Conrad: R&D Technical Service Associate Tyler Shepke, CFS: Food Scientist

The R&D facility – formerly a travel agency – was set up and designed by Excalibur’s culinary experts to meet their work needs, and support future growth of the culinary team.

“The new building allows us to be more proactive for Excalibur’s customers,” says Marlo Mastalerz, research & development chef and director of R&D. “You can be assured that we put in 100% effort from idea conception to the time the product rolls out the door. It’s thoroughly developed and researched, and everyone puts their heart and soul into it.”