April 20, 2020 in News

Excalibur talks spicy, bacon, whiskey and citrus flavors with Supermarket Perimeter

The right flavor is all it takes to properly stimulate and excite the taste buds.

At Excalibur, this season we’re diving into heat with habanero blends, and featuring the unmistakable flavors of green tea, whiskey and mushroom essence.

Habanero Mango is trending with its mixture of sweet and heat as a satisfying combination for today’s consumers. Yuzu Honey marinade from our newly launched Artisanal line is a mixture of Asian and Southwest seasonings that provides a hint of citrus and savory umami flavor.

Read more about the latest seasoning offerings from Excalibur in this issue of Supermarket Perimeter. Then, contact us today about how Excalibur can help your customers experience the flavors from other cultures straight from your meat department.