April 25, 2019 in News

Excalibur forms partnership with The Outdoor Woman

Excalibur seasonings complement any protein, including fish, so it seems a natural partnership for the company to team up with Susie Roloff, a competitive angler.

Susie makes it her mission to use Excalibur products at home and while out on the kayak fishing tournament circuit.

A chance meeting in 2017 between Susie and Excalibur CEO Tom Hornstein at a fishing equipment pro shop later led to a conversation on Facebook, where Tom asked Susie what she thought about the company sponsoring her outdoor passion. Susie was flattered and accepted a deal in 2018, which includes funding, Excalibur wearable gear, and a variety of seasonings and sauces.

“I incorporate my cooking and grilling experiences with Excalibur on Instagram, my personal Facebook page, and professional page, The Adventures of Outdoor Woman,” Susie says. “The fishing circuit means I travel a lot, often camping and cooking on the outdoor stove. This allows me to feature my ‘Camping Hacks’ on how to prep for a two-day camping trip or the best way to season or marinate things. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to experiment with flavors.”

So, what are some of The Outdoor Woman’s favorites?

“I’d have to say Excalibur’s Sweet and Sassy Garlic Pepper. It goes well with everything – fish, chicken, shrimp or pork. My next step is to try it on vegetables. Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub changed my life when cooking steaks. I coat both sides of the meat with USRR and put it in the fridge for an hour. Grill, then add a plate, fork and knife and you are good to go.”

As a Pekin, Illinois native, Susie is proud to collaborate with a growing business in her hometown. She says her relationship with Excalibur succeeds because of a deep, shared passion for quality ingredients and cooking in the outdoors.

“With Excalibur’s support, I share my love for cooking at home and during my travels using and their seasonings and sauces.  It’s a unique partnership that benefits us both.”

Good luck to Susie as we follow her on the tournament circuit this summer!