March 22, 2024 in News

Excalibur’s Creates Special Blend to Celebrate City Bicentennial

With a name like Dragon Dust, you know the ingredients must be magical.  

The full-flavored Cajun-inspired blend includes sugars to blacken your favorite proteins when pan seared. A hearty blend of white, red and black pepper provides a perfect finish for beef, poultry, vegetables and more. Our customers tell us they love Dragon Dust on steaks, spaghetti and sprinkled on popcorn.

In this “Year of the Dragon,” Excalibur is proud to have developed the customized seasoning in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the City of Pekin, Illinois, 1824 – 2024.

We are happy to partner with Maddie Mae’s at 522 Court St., in Pekin, where Dragon Dust is in stock and available for purchase.

At Excalibur, we’re proud of Dragon Dust, just as we’re proud to call the Pekin community our home.