April 4, 2024 in News

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Excalibur’s Flavorful Shaker Blends

Grilled marbled rib eye steak with green chimichurri sauce. Roasted barbecued beef meat

Innovative seasonings are the unsung heroes in the culinary world, with the ability to transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary meals. Introducing a new line of gourmet retail shaker blends from Excalibur Seasoning.

Imagine the savory aroma of hickory smoked bacon infused into a rich, sweet seasoning blend.  Hickory Smoked Bacon Flavored Salt is a symphony of flavors and versatile; perfect for sprinkling on your favorite snacks or adding depth to a centerplate entrée. But its uses don’t end there; try it as a rim seasoning salt on a mocktail or cocktail.

Earning accolades for its exceptional flavor profile, Italian Herb Rub is a game-changer for Italian cuisine enthusiasts. The aromatic herbs offer the perfect notes in a homemade spaghetti sauce or classic pasta salad.

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Asia with Thai Chili Rub. Infused with coconut sugar, garlic, onion, and zesty lime, this rub adds a burst of exotic flavors to any dish. Spice up your stir-fries or grilled meats with tantalizing heat.

For those who appreciate the art of grilling, Primetime Black Charcoal blend is a game-changer. Activated charcoal combines with bold flavors of beef, garlic, and onion to create a crust that seals in juices and imparts a smoky depth to grilled meats – whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or perfecting your steak game.

With each blend meticulously crafted to enhance your favorite dishes, our experts invite you explore these new flavors from Excalibur.