June 27, 2023 in News

 AAMP: The most anticipated show of the summer

The American Association of Meat Processors Convention (AAMP) kicks off July 13 – 15 in Charleston, South Carolina.

For the past several years, the number of people turning out for this national show has continued to climb. John Brewer, Excalibur Seasoning’s VP of Sales and Marketing, says it’s why the entire sales team will be there.

“AAMP is an opportunity to share our new flavors, field technical questions, and meet new people. Everyone picks up solid orders from the event and most importantly, building relationships with new AAMP members in attendance can lead to new Excalibur customers.”

AAMP is also the last major trade show of the 2023 season for the sales team. And as you might imagine, there will be an opportunity for conventiongoers to test their palates at Booth 713.

“There are several new flavors in almost every category we’re promoting this year,” says Brewer. “We’re sampling two varieties of snack sticks, Beer & Onion, and Chipotle Habanero.

“We’re also adding some new elements to our display that will really draw attention. Bruschetta, and Zesty Gorgonzola and Apricot are new sausage flavors that will be a hit. Cranberry Apple Snack Stick is another flavor we’ll have on display that is a new addition to our line.”

Brewer says the sales team begins preparing for AAMP in early fall – at least ten months before the next show – so that new flavor concepts and development is complete by the end of the year so that new flavors are ready for sampling and shipping. In the weeks leading up to the event, the focus in sales meetings is on promotion, booth design and layout, and repeatedly sampling seasonings to determine what blends to offer at the show.

“For us, AAMP has always been like a big reunion as we reconnect with customers and their families. Our sales team is also bringing along spouses this year and that adds a fun element to the trip, especially given the history and vibe in Charleston.

“The American Cured Meat Championships is always a highlight. We love watching customers that use our products win top awards for their entries, and we are proud to be an event sponsor.”