January 17, 2022 in News

The pandemic’s impact on supply chain and labor

Excalibur Seasoning recently provided expert commentary to the food industry media on a variety of issues, including supply chain challenges during the pandemic. Mid-West Farm Report tapped our VP of Sales & Marketing John Brewer for their podcast, “Pandemic Impacts Spice Trade.” There, Brewer shared his thoughts on a number of topics including the sourcing of raw materials.

We’ve tripled our purchasing team. Where we had one supplier on any given ingredient, we may have three or four now. Everything that we purchase has to be to our specifications so that our blends stay consistent for our customers.

Additionally, the labor shortage has also taken its toll on the food production industry – and for many in the general public that’s most visible at their local grocery store and meat retailer. Thankfully, Excalibur’s customized protein programs are supporting meat processors, retailers, and commissaries through this challenging labor shortage.

Excalibur’s National Sales Director, Bob Andorfer, spoke with Supermarket Perimeter about how the company has responded by creating tailor-made, in-store programs that still keeps things fresh while minimizing the workload.

Our staff understands the retail side and labor challenges. Knowing how to put programs together that can work with a minimal amount of labor will be key. I think part of it is keeping programs simple.

Be sure to read the full article, “Spicing It Up: Pandemic-Driven Demand for New and Exotic Flavors,” for greater insight from both Brewer and Andorfer.