November 9, 2022 in News

Salt-free bacon is a thing

Fried bacon single slices

Life’s always better with bacon, especially when there are salt-free bacon rubs available from Excalibur Seasoning.

For a bit of sweetness, try our Raspberry Chipotle Bacon Rub, a unique spice blend with a hint of smoky heat, brown sugar and poppy seed with a raspberry finish.

Honey Country BBQ Bacon Rub’s mildly sweet honey flavor is a mixture of brown sugar, garlic, paprika, celery and natural hickory smoke.

Apple pieces, cinnamon and spices are the centerpiece of our Apple Cinnamon Bacon Rub and Apple Cinnamon Country Bacon Rub. Apply the Apple Cinnamon Bacon Rub on sliced bacon or add as a dry rub on pork bellies. Apple Cinnamon Country Bacon Rub is great on bacon or tumble seasoned with the protein.

And don’t pass up our Bourbon Pepper Bacon Rub – a combo of black pepper rounded out with garlic aroma and bite of whiskey.

For more on our salt-free bacon rubs, contact your Excalibur sales representative today.