September 28, 2022 in News

The hunt is on for these jerky and snack stick flavors

Jerky and snack sticks are among the most delicious and versatile wild game foods, so be sure to stock the meat case with some of our most popular flavors for your customers this hunting season.

Our classic Colorado Beef Jerky seasoning is a sweet and salty combo fused with mustard seed and garlic. It’s an excellent complement to jerked meat whether beef, deer, elk, or any wild game.

Pickles are crunchy – not the kind of noisy snacks allowed in the tree stand. A tasty substitute is our Dill Pickle Jerky flavor, enhanced with dill and garlic, of course, and other natural spices.

One of the long-time, best-selling snack stick seasonings is our BBQ Smoked Snack Stick with a sweet versus salty flavor. Natural Hickory Smoke offsets the BBQ flavor along with hints of molasses, onion, garlic and celery seed.

A close second is our Honey BBQ Snack Stick with just the right amount of honey to pair well with the tanginess of barbeque flavor.

And for hunting meals back at the cabin or any time of year, try our Venison Marinade. Great for bathing or rubbing on wild game venison steaks and roasts, it’s also appetizing on pork chops. Take notice of the subtle sweet tones with just a bit of bite in every taste.

Maintain your concentration on the hunt this season with high-protein, hearty-flavored jerky and snack stick blends from Excalibur.