March 24, 2021 in News

Marinades perfect for the grilling season

Excalibur Seasoning’s dry marinades are perfect for your vacuum tumbled proteins. They also happen to be among our most popular sellers during America’s beloved grilling season. So, with winter officially behind us, we invite you to spring into action and scoop up these trending marinade favorites. They’re sure to make your meat case a must-see destination.

  • ZESTY BALSAMIC BLEU CHEESE – a culinary masterpiece; pairs particularly well with steaks and chops
  • YUZU HONEY – it’s an Asian southwest fusion featuring sweet ‘n sour flavors and a closing honey sweetness
  • SOUTHERN SWEET KENTUCKY BOURBON – sweet and smooth with rich caramelized oak notes, this blend puts the bourbon front and center but includes a subtle dash of vanilla and fruit
  • RED WINE AND PEPPER STEAK – this elegant blend makes for an excellent companion to your choice cuts of beef
  • BLACKBERRY TERIYAKI – its teriyaki and soy flavors are complimented beautifully with a sweet blackberry finish

And if your customers are looking to skip unwanted phosphates, seeking healthier – yet flavorful – alternatives, Excalibur’s growing line of PHOSPHATE-FREE MARINADES are sure to strike a chord. So, why not give the people what they want?

  • SWEET BOURBON – a sweet base with a bourbon bite, this blend also offers hints of garlic and onion
  • HONEY BBQ – mild and smoky with a sweet honey base
  • GARLIC HERB – an aromatic blend of garlic, red and green bell pepper mixed with parsley, this is comfort food at its best
  • CYCLOPS GREEK – authentic flavors from the Greek Isles featuring garlic, herbs and a clean citric finish
  • SUNDRIED TOMATO BASIL – savory herbs and familiar dried tomato flavors give this blend its welcomed acetic bite
  • ITALIAN PARMESAN – it’s oregano and fennel combined with real grated parmesan cheese to deliver a savory favorite

Whether it’s the latest trending favorites or our expanding line of phosphate-free alternatives, Excalibur’s marinades are always a great choice for your proteins. Contact us today to place your order!