January 19, 2023 in News

Get more flavor, less shrink with Small Batch Seasonings

Today’s consumers are looking for healthy food that saves money and time, and offers everything from exotic taste experiences to simple down-home favorites. Give them what they want with Excalibur’s Small Batch Seasoning Program.

A popular customized program for today’s grocers and meat processors, the small batch option combines your favorite proteins with our numerous legendary flavors and is ideal for:

  • Creating mouthwatering gourmet sausages
  • Extending burger color and shelf life with our Patty+ blends
  • Offering phosphate-free dry marinade alternatives with major flavor

Using stuffers, presses, or vacuum tumblers, you can season ten-pound meat blocks with ease thanks to our convenient portion-sized bags. Count on this program to:

  • Ensure consistency in product quality
  • Boost display case appeal with fresh and exciting products
  • Control shrinkage and minimize waste
  • Keep customers coming back for more

Legendary quality and royal flavor are always a constant in Excalibur’s Small Batch Seasoning Program, so be sure to draw more consumers to your meat displays – one small batch at a time. Contact our sales team today to discuss all your Small Batch options.