December 5, 2023 in Delicious, News

Excalibur’s Gourmet Patty Mixes for Burgers, Meatloaf, and Beyond

The newest tastes and trends are always top of mind in our R&D lab. Check out these new flavor profiles to help boost your product lines.

Start with the traditional and classic seasoning in our Beef Steak Patty with Bleu Cheese. The aromatic and savory blend of garlic and onion is followed by a smooth Bleu Cheese flavored finish. Creamy butter and rich Truffle flavor combine in our Truffle Butter Patty for a rich, appetizing blend. And our Maple Leaf Whiskey Patty offers a spirited essence, aged in oak barrels with a touch of natural sweet maple flavor. Notes of rosemary and fruit make this an excellent choice for all proteins.

Want to stretch the imagination for a bit of sweet and savory patty blends?

Look no further than our Raspberry Chipotle Patty with smoky chipotle flavors, a touch of heat and subtle raspberry notes.

Fuse savory mushrooms, with toasted onion and a hint of garlic and our Portabella Shiitake Mushroom Patty takes a major leap and becomes a best seller. And our Zesty Honey Gorgonzola Patty incorporates creamy Gorgonzola cheese and honey followed by a delightful, fiery finish.

Wait no longer. Reach out to your Excalibur sales representative today and order patty blends for your meat cases today.