June 7, 2022 in News

Excalibur’s new fall 2022 line-up of show-stopping flavors

Here are the new flavors trending from Excalibur for the fall 2022 season.


  • Jalapeno Bacon Ranch
    Our creamy ranch base with smoky bacon built in and sure to steal the show.
  • Buffalo Wing and Ranch
    Even the most intense hot wings find balance with the sweetness of ranch buffalo blend. Try it for a boost of flavor.
  • Nashville Hot
    If you’re looking for the right amount of heat and sweet, consider the Tennessee classic.


  • Thai Honey Ginger
    It catches light floral notes of honey and ginger with a subtle earthiness.

For full-flavor marinades that are phosphate free and developed with an extended shelf life, look to these two popular choices:

  • Sundried Tomato Basil
    Think savory comfort food as fine herbs and dried tomato leave you with a nice acetic bite.
  • Cyclops Greek
    Let the garlic, herb and citric finish sweep you away to the Greek Isles without leaving home.


  • Spicy BBQ Moonshine
    Offer a nicely rounded, savory, earthy patty with a true moonshine flavored finish.
  • Hatch Chili
    A taste sensation with the unique Mexican pepper, green bell pepper and jalapeno chili combination.
  • Buttery Prime Rib
    Get all the flavor of a well-seasoning prime rib bathed in melted butter.


  • Sweet Maple Bacon
    Maple and bacon come together for an award-winning favorite.
  • Pizza Flavored Wiener & Frank
    Satisfy your pizza and hot dog cravings; excellent alone or add high-melt cheese.
  • Sriracha Sauerkraut
    The comforts of caraway and dill will delight your taste buds with the ever-popular blend of sun ripened chilies and fermented raw cabbage.

If you like this ensemble, wait until you see the rest of our collection. Contact your Excalibur representative today to learn more.