Since our humble beginnings in 1986, Excalibur has gone on to produce thousands of flavors of seasonings, rubs and marinades for customers nationwide.

Our abundance of seasoning blends can be added to or complement your existing seasoning offerings. Our lines include proven performers and new and creative flavors that are in tune with today’s ever-changing consumer tastes.

A staple from our Excalibur Favorites is our popular Rump Rubs. Rump Rubs are Pitmaster inspired seasoning blends that showcase regional BBQ tastes from around the country. All flavors work great on briskets, ribs, chicken, and of course, pork butts!

So, whether you are a grocer looking to spruce up your deli case with new point-of-sale offerings, a meat processor searching for just the right blend to pair with your venison mix, or even a grill master wanting to experiment with a new marinade for competition, Excalibur will have something for you.

Be sure to visit our various Product pages and learn more about our top selling Excalibur Favorites. And for a more exhaustive list, be sure to contact us, and we will be happy to match a flavor to your specific need.

Excalibur’s products offer my customers a broad array of seasonings, spices and marinades.
This allows us to be different from chain grocery stores that sell commercially processed meats. “

– Gary B., owner, meat processing company, Pennsylvania